Restaurant Review – Jack Patrick’s

Let me tell you a little something about myself. I don’t do many things “spontaneously.” I am a teensy bit of a control freak… and so, “flying by the seat of my pants,” is not usually my jam. Luckily, on the rare occasion, I allow such mayhem to enter my life, and usually this mayhem doesn’t disappoint me.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The set plans for the evening involved going to Buffalo Wild Wings with my roommate Alissa and her fiance Brian (commonly known as Brissa)… then suddenly, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my friend Katie and she had a serendipitous offer for me: three tickets to that night’s Cardinals game.

When you live in St. Louis, you don’t turn down Cardinal’s tickets.

So we didn’t.

Unfortunately, that happened to usurp our plans for B-Dubs. This called for a Plan B.

Plan B was devised by the “Bri” portion of Brissa and involved a sports bar in downtown St. Louis called Jack Patrick’s. Apparently, it was close to the stadium and BrianĀ ravedĀ about the food; so, off we went.

When we arrived at Jack Patrick’s, I was a little taken aback. I’m not totally sure what I expected, but the place was basically just a sports bar. You know the scene. Dim, fluorescent lighting, bar games, and the smell of grease wafting in the air. The tables were a bit sticky, the patrons were a bit disheveled, and the “kitchen” consisted of one young guy who took your order and then cooked it for you on the one-man grill.


I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive.

After perusing the menu (which was full of fried and greasy foods), I landed on the BBQ Burger. Why? Because it was slathered in barbecue and topped with…. coleslaw. Oh baby.

I sauntered up to the window and placed my order with the cook. He wasn’t super friendly, but all of that faded away when he told me the price of this meal. Drumroll please… this burger and fries was only $7.50. SEVEN FIFTY. Cha-ching.

When the burger arrived after a relatively short wait, I started getting more excited than ever. Despite the rough appearance of the bar, the burger seemed promising. Here’s what I saw… the sweet barbecue sauce dripped down the sides of the burger and soaked the bun. The coleslaw followed suit and flowed freely from the top of the burger. It looked utterly sloppy, yet totally satisfying.

After cutting the burger into more manageable pieces, I picked up a half and watched the condiments slip and slide down my fingers. One bite in… and I was in heaven.

I am not sure if it was the crisp, savory, and tangy combination of BBQ and coleslaw, the toasty bun, or the fact that I hadn’t had a really good burger for several months—but, this little delicacy went down the hatch like butter.

By the end of the meal I was stuffed to the brim and covered in sticky barbecue goodness; and it was the best feeling.

So, here’s the final grade for Jack Patrick’s:

Food: A
Atmosphere: C
Price: A
Service: C

As you’ve hopefully gathered, Jack Patrick’s is definitely not the place to go for a nice sit down dinner (or a first date! ha!). However, it is the perfect location to drop by before the big game. You might not find top notch or friendly service, but the food (particularly the BBQ burger) is absolutely perfect when you’re looking for a fattening, filling, grease-filled meal.

Dig in, folks. You won’t regret it!

Happy eating!

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  1. I love reading your blog! I feel like I’m there eating with you (totally wish i were too)! When you described the place and rated it a C, I was expecting a dive. Then I saw the pics….your one tough critic or maybe I’m easy to please. Easily B performance. When you go to a place like Jack Patricks thats what I would expect. Burger looked divine though! Keep the blogs rollin!

    • So glad you enjoy my blog, Bryan. It’s fun to write! I think I need to really nail down a true rating system for my grading… it’s kind of willy nilly at this point. You’ve inspired me. :)

  2. Unc. Dan

    That place reminds me of the Cellar Lounge in Kearney where Patti and I use to go back in the 80s. It wasn’t much of a place but the hamburgers were the best ever around that area. Some Cooks or Chefs can really make a place.

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