Restaurant Review – Urban Eats’ Sunday Brunch

In case any of you were wondering, last weekend was St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s all just be honest with ourselves and admit that after several Irish jigs and a few green beers… last Sunday morning was a bit sluggish for the grand majority of the Irish (or Irish impersonating) population.

In fact, most of said population probably spent their day in bed, blaming the green food coloring for their upset stomachs.

Luckily, I had plans that were good enough to force me up and at ‘um that morning.

Sunday brunch at Urban Eats.

Now, you may be having deja vu and wondering aloud… “Hasn’t she done a blog about Urban Eats before?” Others may recall me claiming that I’d never blog about the same place twice. To respond: 1) You aren’t crazy, I have indeed blogged about this restaurant before and 2) this is my blog and I do what I want. Plus, when a restaurant does something blog-worthy TWICE they deserve two posts. Right?

Now that I’ve teased you enough to keep you interested (I hope), I am here to gush to you about the new Sunday Brunch that Urban Eats started about a month ago.

First, a little back story.

Think back to my previous Urban Eats blog. Do you remember me mentioning that everything on the menu is made fresh and on the spot?

Well, imagine having a line of people out your door, begging for quick and delicious food that, by nature, takes a teensy bit longer to prepare (and I’m not saying it takes a long time, I’m just saying it’s not microwaveable like McDonald’s is).

This presents a problem.

Now, here’s the cool part: John and Caya, the owners of Urban Eats, recognized this problem and decided to figure out a solution.

Not only did they decide to find the solution, but they decided to use their solution as a way to treat their customers to a new and unique dining experience.

Here’s how:

On Sunday’s from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Urban Eats transforms from their usual order-at-the-counter, hip and customizable cafe to a Dim Sum style, order-at-your-table eatery (complete with live music!).

Essentially, you come in and have  a seat, then the waiters bring four separate carts to your table one at a time, each cart is loaded with delicious options and you get to decide what you want from each. They dish you up then and there and viola! Brunch is served.

Such a fun and unique idea!

The carts that come around feature drinks (boozies are a fabulous way to start your post-St. Patrick’s Day meal), “breakfast-y stuff,” “lunch-y stuff,” and “sweet stuff.” Each cart has about four different options to choose from–and what’s especially cool is that while they have many of the same fresh and delicious ingredients that are featured on the usual menu, most of the dishes are unique to the Sunday brunch menu.

It’s really a great way to let customers try a new twist on old favorites and test-out several different options in one sitting.

Collectively, Rachel and I tried the salad, the stuffed french toast, the BBQ pork bao, the southwest chicken flatbread, the decadent brownie, and the chocolate and cream cheese muffin.

Oh, and don’t forget two St. Patties Day boozies (which had yogurt, Irish cream, spinach, and a couple of other adult beverages in them. I know, I know… spinach sounds weird. But they were surprisingly delicious and refreshing!).

All in all the food was very fresh, beautiful, and tasty; which I found especially impressive considering this was only the fourth time they have offered the brunch. I personally can’t wait to see what the experience is like a few months down the road when they’ve got it totally perfected.

Plus, honestly, the real kicker to me is being able to witness this little restaurant growing and doing well for themselves and helping boost the community.

Once again, I say with gusto—I would absolutely recommend Urban Eats, both during the week when you need fresh and healthy options and on Sunday morning when you’re looking for a dining experience.

Don’t miss it! In fact, I’ll probably see you there.

Happy eating!

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