Apple-Stuffed Chicken

Last night the St. Louis Cardinals did a little thing called, winning the 2011 World Series. So, I’m just going to take a moment to say, “WOOHOO!! GO CARDINALS!!!”

That being said, last night was a long night for me (and presumably the rest of the city of St. Louis). And so, today was an amazingly lazy Saturday. I slept in, watched a movie [Transformers… in case you were wondering] and went to the Soulard Farmer’s Market with Charli.

It was lovely.

What was even lovelier was that while I was at the market, I got some great fruits and veggies: apples, potatoes, a tomato, and some red peppers. Everything just looks and smells so good at the market—it’s to hard to resist. Plus, it’s all super cheap; which is probably my favorite part.

Since I had so much beautiful produce in my fridge and was pretty much just lazin’ around today anyway, I decided to take the time to make myself a nice meal.

Step one: call AT&T to get my Internet back up and running. (Not really relevant, but it is true.)

Step two: get on the Internet and look up a great recipe. What did I find? Roasted red peppers and potatoes with apple-stuffed chicken.

Sounds ambitious, huh? It was. Luckily, step three was: doing an awesome job at cooking a delightful meal. And I nailed it.

The roasted peppers and potatoes were easy enough. They just involved chopping, tossing [in olive oil], and seasoning [rosemary, garlic, and S&P]. Then, while they baked for 40 minutes, I moved on to the chicken.

While prepping for the chicken, I hit my first roadblock. *cachuck!* (That was the roadblock.) I didn’t have any breadcrumbs.

Don’t be alarmed; I did have bread and the proper seasonings—so I just went ahead and made some myself (you can be impressed now).

Once the breadcrumbs were ready, I cut up the apples, tossed in some cheese and then beat the living daylights out of that chicken breast. Don’t worry, it wasn’t chicken violence—just what the recipe called for. I had to flatten out the chicken so that I could wrap it around the stuffing (makes sense right?). Then I had to brown on both sides and then simmer in white wine for 15 minutes.

The only part that was a little iffy was the “gravy” or sauce that I was supposed to make at the end, to put on the chicken. Your typical cornstarch and water added to the leftover juices in the pan. I’ve never made a gravy before, and I think that I let it sit a little too long (*cough* while I was taking pictures)… so, it didn’t mix quite right. Plus, it seemed a little harsh, so I added some bbq sauce to sweeten it up. It turned out fine, but I’ll probably need to work on honing my gravy-making skills in the future.

All in all, the meal was a beautiful and tasty one that I would recommend (I particularly loved the stuffing in the chicken). One note: remember to take the toothpicks out of the chicken before you eat it. I happened to forget about them and almost stabbed myself in the throat! Other than that, enjoy!

Happy eating!

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  1. G M Stevens

    I’m so impressed. That looked complicated, but it was fun to do, right? I love a quiet day to relax and make something lovely. Good for you!

  2. LincolnBigRed

    Holy Cow! (or chicken rather). Way to rock the kitchen, Em. It looked scrumptious. Btw, that was a really healthy dinner, too, and in my book that makes it doubly yummy. Yay!

  3. LincolnBigRed

    Okay. I made a dish based on your dish. Didn’t quite look the same. Tasted good though. I think the lighting was different in your photos. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. I made this last night and it was very good. It helped get me out of my spicy and super-spicy cooking rut.

    My thoughts after trying:

    Cheddar cheese should definitely be swapped out for mozzarella, otherwise the tastes clash a little. I added some sage to the filling and I think something with a little zest would also be a good choice.

    I obliterated the gravy. I’d recommend making the sauce in a sauce pan, sans chicken drippings. It’s not like you get much drippings from chicken breast anyway. I might recommend a sweet wine, possible mirin to go with the apples instead of a dry wine.

    Other than that, it was delicious.

    Go forth and eat.

    • Look at you go! I’m impressed, sounds like you know your stuff. I totally agree on the cheddar comment and hadn’t thought of the sweet wine option. Good call, good call. I think I mentioned this above, but I messed up the gravy too. Not my finest hour. Heck, we’re young… this is how you learn. :)

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