Restaurant Review – Sweetie Pies

Amy Poehler once said, “This is Oprah! She farts on a book and it magically sells a million copies.” I don’t know how applicable this is to a blog about a restaurant… but it’s certainly a true statement. If Oprah endorses you, you’re set for life.

Sweetie Pie’s, in The Grove, is set for life.

Yes, Sweetie Pie’s will be featured in the line-up of new reality shows to hit the Oprah Winfrey Network in the coming months. (Check out the show synopsis here.) I think that means that, despite what I say in this blog [don’t worry, it won’t be bad], Sweetie Pie’s can be sure that their doors will remain open.

And thank heavens, because the soul food serving establishment is absolutely blissful. Apparently, Oprah knows what she is talking about.

My girlfriends and I decided to go to Sweetie Pie’s as a part of our “For The Love of Food” eating group. It may not be ethnic, but the Mississippi style eatery was definitely the most unique establishment we’ve been to!

First of all, when they say that soul food is “down-home cookin’” the emphasis is on the word “home.” Not only was the food straight up homey, greasy, comfort food… but the décor was simple and totally unpretentious—just a few photos and some fake flowers on the family sized tables. Basically, the place felt the way dinner at home feels.

So, other than the great food and great service—what made Sweetie Pie’s unique? Well, when you walk in you will find a cafeteria-style set up. Just grab your tray, pick your meat, pick your sides, pay and then prepare to demolish some good eats.

Options include fried and baked chicken, pork steaks, cabbage, okra, mac and cheese, corn, beans, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread—aka all the best things in life.

Because the line was moving pretty quick, I felt a little overwhelmed and pressured to order fast… luckily, I work extraordinarily well under pressure and made some amazing choices. I choose to get fried chicken, mac and cheese, beans, and cornbread. (Hello calories!)

And do you know what? I would recommend every single portion of that meal. I suppose if you twisted my arm and threatened to beat me up, and I had to pick one thing to recommend, I would say that you should definitely not skip the fried chicken. It’s probably the most fattening choice, but heck, it’s not very often that you can get fried chicken that is as good as your momma’s, so be sure to take this opportunity.

It was just so good and greasy… I can’t stop thinking about it…

Seriously, I better wrap this up before I start salivating all over my computer…

If food and service don’t impress you, then cheapness will! For only $12, I got a heaping huge plate of food. Seriously, the meal was legitimately enough for two servings (they gave us FOUR chicken wings)—and boy oh boy, I cannot wait for lunch tomorrow. Leftovers are the best.

All in all, the whole meal and experience was lovely. We were stuffed and happy, the waitress was attentive but not annoying, and the cameras were even there preparing to film!

Unfortunately, I will not be appearing on Oprah’s network any time soon. BUT, I’m not giving up hope of someday becoming a famous extra on the OWN network. I definitely plan to return to Sweetie Pie’s someday soon. Well, maybe not too soon… for fear of my cholesterol spiking severely.

To finish this long-winded, gushing review, I have only four words to say to you: GO TO SWEETIE PIE’S. Well… Let me add one more word. Go to Sweetie Pie’s… NOW.

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  1. thegmstevens

    This is the place I’ve been dying to try. So glad Oprah and I are on the same page. ;-) What a relief THAT is to me!

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