Beer Brats

So, not only have I been away on business for the last 4 days, but I’ve also been attempting to save some cash by not eating out. This, unfortunately is slightly detrimental to my new food blog! Luckily, I’m a determined little thing, and I refuse to just NOT post. While this may mean that you don’t get to read about any adventures today, it also means that you get to see what kind of amazing (haha) skills I have in the kitchen. I can do more than make grape pie, ladies and gentlemen, I can also cook… *drumroll*… MEALS!

Here you can see pictures of my last two cooking adventures. The first day was pretty simple. Beer brats and corn on the cob. Not too tough… (perhaps I shouldn’t have built up my cooking skills so much!) But, last night I made shrimp and pepper stir fry. It was yummy and I got to test out some of my new, healthy, and weirdly expensive cooking oils (toasted sesame seed and peanut oils). Yummy! Plus, it’s nice to make a little extra and actually have a decent lunch at work (take that PB&J, you can stay in my cupboard today!)

All in all, cooking in isn’t THAT bad… but I do hope to get out into the foodie world some day soon! Until then, what’s your favorite quick meal to make at home?

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  1. Sharon h

    For a really quick meal I make this frozen shrimp pasta meal on the stove…mm. Tonight Mac and cheese:)

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